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Bologna – Food and stuff

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There’s a lot of good bars in town. If you want to enjoy some patisserie go to “Il duca d’Amalfi” in piazza dei Celestini or, for the best of the best, go to Gamberini in via Ugo Bassi.
If you prefer a brunch there’s less places that does it. You can try Red Brick in via Frassinago or Zoo in via Strada Maggiore (this one is cool if you have kids).


A nice, fancy, not expensive at all is Cesare Marretti, in via Leopardi. You better go there early (for lunch don’t go later than 12:50 and consider that they get reservation only for large groups).
Otherwise, a little closer to the house, you can try every place inside the “Mercato delle erbe” (herbs market) in via Ugo Bassi. Try first “Altro” and “Banco del pesce”.
Osteria del sole (see below).


Really cool and fancy (and with a lot of food) is the aperitivo at Ex Forno, the bar outside the Modern Art Museum of Bologna (Mambo).
Closer to the house there’s also the Herbs Market and the street behind it (via Belvedere), as well as the front of mercato with the already mentioned Gamberini.
Osteria del sole. Guys go to Osteria del sole. Is in the old market next to Piazza Maggiore. You can buy your food at the market and go there and buy the wine. Actually you can buy only alcoholics there. The place opened in late 1400 (!!!).


Here depends really on what you’re looking for. I’ll make a tiny list of my favourite places.

If I want to eat pizza I’d go for Totò at the end of via del Pratello (super cheap, super popular, huge thin pizzas) or at Bella Napoli half way in via San Felice (nicer place, thick soft pizzas) or for the most “exclusive” one to Berberè in via Petroni (amazing experience, not really fancy area). All of these are about 15 to 23€ for a pizza + big beer and a coffe.

If I want to eat typical local food I’d go to Baraldi in via del Pratello or Mariposa in via Bertiera for low cost versions. More fancy ones are Santa Chiara in via Santa Chiara and Al cappello rosso in via Fusari or, with unbelievable desserts Osteria Broccaindosso in via Broccaindosso (when I say unbelievable I mean it).

A romantic restaurant with good roman cuisine is Quanto Basta in via del Pratello. Serghei is a little more formal and for a super honest approach to cooking there’s Trattoria di via Serra in via Serra, behind the railway station.
Last but not least, my favourite one is outside the center and it’s called Satyricon. It’s cheap, always original and romantic.

After dinner

Ruggine – Nice hipster-like place. Is located in Vicolo Alemagna, 2b, really close to Piazza Santo Stefano (which is beautiful).
La linea – I’ve met Spike Lee here once. Is a no-frills bar right in Piazza Maggiore, under Palazzo Re Enzo. Right next Tourist Office.
via del Pratello – Via del Pratello is walkable and full of bars. Consider that it begins in Piazza San Francesco.

Clothes and shoes


  • Fiorentini + Baker in Piazza Aldrovandi. Nice classic a little retrò leather shoes. Not cheap at all.
  • Tassinari in via San Felice. More modern, fashion, most-of-them italian shoes. Not cheat at all.

Bags (female only)

  • Saisei in via Castiglione. Small shop on the right side of the street. All made in italy bags.
  • Gamberini less youngish (imho), more classic. Bags with a changeable clip in the front side. Not bad. At the really beginning of via D’Azeglio, right side. Really small shop.


  • Protec american clothes. Really nice. A little hipster/lumberjack style.
  • Blu in via San Vitale. Fair price. A little youngish. From Asinelli Tower, take left on via San Vitale, on the left side.
  • Bibas at the end of via Indipendenza (railway station direction), super fancy, exclusive, fashion, clothes. I use to buy things there only during sales.

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